Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Samsung EX2F vs Sony RX100 vs Canon G1X

Samsung joined the party of premium compacts with the introduction of EX2F. It does not have the huge sensor of Canon G1X nor Sony RX100, but it will appeal to many potential buyers with one of the fastest lenses of this category. Its Schneider-Kreuznach zoom lens covers 24-79mm zoom range. It's probably the most useful range for an average photographer. The most important thing is that the lens starts at f/1.4 and reaches a nice f/2.7 on the telephoto end. It's very impressive considering Sony RX100 starts at f/1.8 and ends at f4.9. Canon G1X is extremely slow comparing to its competitors in this category, but it offers the biggest image sensor. The Samsung EX2F also includes WiFi feature for convenient upload and transfer, which isn't found on the Canon and Sony counterparts. It's still too early to determine which will excel, but one thing for sure is that the competition gets just tougher for the camera manufacturers and it's a good thing for the consumers.