Monday, July 23, 2012

Asus X401A-RPK4

Asus X401A-RPK4 will not win any benchmarks, but it's an attractive laptop that delivers basic functionalities to those who like to add a little eye candy to their tools. Asus X401A-RPK4 is a super nice 14-inches laptop that comes with Matte Pink color. Personally, it's definitely not a color for any guys, but my female friends would be crazy about it. The laptop is powered by Intel Pentium processor B970, with bus speed of 1333MHz. Yes, it's slow! It's a shame that it is not equipped with the latest Intel Ivy Bridge chips, but we also understand that it will increase the price accordingly. Nevertheless, it works well for basic activities such as surfing Internet or watching movies, especially pairing it with 4GB DDR3 memory and 320GB SATA hard drive. Asus X401A-RPK4 also includes a built-in webcam with microphone, wi-fi and digital media reader. No CD/DVD burner though. We are not sure if this will become a deal breaker for some people, but overall, we think it's a fairly nice package for just $329.99 at Best Buy.